Today we welcome Patrick Foster, a former professional cricketer, insurance broker, and independent schoolteacher. His story, however, is not one of seamless victories. Behind the facade of an idyllic upbringing and early accomplishments, Patrick grappled with a pathological gambling addiction that began during his university days. The challenges he faced in transitioning from the world of sport into the harsh realities of everyday life fuelled a dependency that would see him bet an astounding £4 million over 12 years.

Patrick’s addiction monopolised his existence, pushing him to the very edge and bringing him to the precipice of taking his own life in March 2018. This rock-bottom moment served as a catalyst for change, triggering a profound awakening within him.

Driven by an inner need to turn his hardship into a beacon of hope for others, Patrick has committed himself to share his journey since 2018 with the world. 

This episode is a narrative of a privileged education, happiness, despair, understanding, and eventually recovery to understand what it means to be a truly privileged man. Welcome to another eye-opening episode of The Privileged Man Podcast.

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