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About Us

As society would see it, some men have been given “everything”.

However material wealth does not guarantee nirvana, far from it.

“Good thanks”, “ok” and “surviving” have become normalised response expressions when asked how we are. Behind these generic responses lie lives of disconnection and loneliness (NB different than “alone”).

What happened to “excellent”, “awesome” and “couldn’t be better” and why have aspirations for such joy been chastised?

For men courageous enough to want to develop and grow from “good thanks” to “great thanks”, there are few options.

For Pete, the Founder of The Privileged Man, this realisation birthed the idea of an online men’s club. Members share safely and vulnerably with other men, some for the first time in their adult lives.

We listen, we learn, we empathise and then we hold each other to account.

“It could be worse” or “man up” banter belongs in a bygone era. It prolongs unnecessary suffering.

The results of inaction (or for want of a better phrase – “lumping it”) are generational loops of wasted lives, broken relationships, families, businesses, communities and ultimately society.

It serves no one. A stiff upper lip cannot digest life, it can only stop the embodiment of riches.

It’s time to break the cycle, for you and your children’s sake.

Our solution is based on 4 foundations: Men’s Circles, Accountability, Community and Expertise.

Our core value is Confidentiality.

Pete Hunt

Pete is the Founder of The Privileged Man. Brought up in Surrey in the UK, Pete was educated at Aldro and Charterhouse School.

Subsequently Pete worked for Knight Frank, Merrill Lynch and CBRE in London and then Hong Kong. The gold standard way to spend your 20’s. 

However, after a couple of years in Hong Kong, Pete was asked to lead a Real Estate Private Equity team in Bali buying beaches. 

On paper, it was heaven, but Bali asked many questions of his existence.

Thus, whilst trying to sustain a professional persona through capital raising ventures and highly stressful, complex work situations in Indonesia, Pete’s world went from light to dark. 

Determined to heal, the fall out catapulted him into the world of personal and business development, spending two years travelling the world working on himself, and asking searching questions about his and the world’s future.

During these years, Pete identified that there were no spaces for men of his similar background to safely express themselves with other men without fear of ridicule, and the idea of The Privileged Man was born.

Pete lives in Seaview on the Isle of Wight with his wife Joanna and his two daughters.