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The Privileged Man is a movement of men committed to empathy, honesty, accountability and creating positive impact.

Men who join the movement have seen another way to live and are ready to commit to themselves.

The movement was co-founded by Pete Hunt and Esmond Baring, men who had battled with loneliness, anxiety and depression.

It was with their realisation that men all over the world were also suffering from a lack of empathy for themselves and others, and infact felt empty, that The Privileged Man was born.

We are more similar than we are different.

To read more about their journeys – see below.

Esmond Baring

Esmond is the Co-Founder and Facilitator of The Privileged Man.

Esmond was raised in an alcoholic home and sent to Ludgrove boarding school at 8 years old, and then on to Eton College until the age of 18. He studied French literature at the University of Virginia, graduating in 2001.

After a decade working in finance with UBS and other investment banks in New York and London, Esmond has spent the last decade living and working in South East Asia where he studied the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, Harry Palmer, Sydney Banks, Jamie Smart and others.

Esmond is passionate about supporting men to a true state of emotional and mental health, to rediscover their innate sense of aliveness, wholeness and well-being, and lead sovereign, deliberate and purposeful lives.

Esmond lives in Bali with his partner and two daughters.

Pete Hunt

Pete is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Privileged Man. Brought up in Surrey in the UK, Pete was educated at Aldro and Charterhouse School.

Subsequently Pete worked at Knight Frank, Merrill Lynch and CBRE which in the 2000’s, was on paper, the gold standard. However, it didn’t feel right for him and it led to what many saw as an irrational move to Indonesia in 2011.

Whilst trying to sustain a professional persona through capital raising ventures and highly stressful, complex work situations in Indonesia, in 2016 Pete’s world as he knew it fell apart.

The fall out catapulted him into the world of personal and business development, spending two years travelling the world working on himself, and asking searching questions about his and the world’s future.

During this time of contemplation and study, Pete identified that there were very few spaces for men to safely express themselves without the fear of ridicule, and the idea of The Privileged Man was born. Pete runs The Privileged Man and supports leaders to amplify their authentic voice.

Pete lives in Seaview on the Isle of Wight with his wife Joanna and daughter.