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The Privileged Man is an exclusive community for men committed to transforming themselves, their partners and their children's lives by sharing their truth with one another.


We are successful men who are now ready & committed to stepping into a more truthful version of ourselves.


Community is King. When we shed our loneliness of thought, we free ourselves of internal battle & in turn free those we love the most, from harbouring our dark side.


Weekly Men’s Circles, Accountability, & Workshops from global experts. We come together through participation to grow as men, in the presence of men.



We revive the age-old tradition of men's circles through attentive listening. This approach reconnects lost wisdom & fosters genuine connection.


We are safe to say whatever we feel without judgement or the concern of it going any further. A trusting environment is a thriving environment.


We embrace truths and shared experiences as observant listeners - a lost art. This stance fosters deeper connection and understanding.


We reinforce our integrity and that of our peers, cultivating strength. Together, we grow stronger.


Vulnerability is the fertiliser of authentic connection. This openness deepens relationships and encourages growth


Our commitment to truth builds trust within our community. It enhances the integrity of our interactions and relationships

Pete Hunt

Founder of The Privileged Man

Pete is the Founder of The Privileged Man. Brought up in Surrey in the UK, Pete was educated at Aldro and Charterhouse School.

Subsequently Pete ventured out on an illustrious real estate career working for Knight Frank, Merrill Lynch and CBRE in London and then Hong Kong. The gold standard ex-public school boy way to spend your 20’s.

After a couple of years in Hong Kong, Pete was asked to lead a Real Estate Private Equity team in Bali buying beach front land in paradise. On paper, it was heaven, but Bali asked many questions of his existence.

Pete Hunt

Thus, whilst trying to sustain a professional persona through capital raising ventures and highly stressful, complex work situations in Indonesia, Pete’s world went from light to dark.

Determined to heal and understand how this had happened, the fall out catapulted him into the world of personal development, spending time asking searching questions about his and the world’s future.

During these years, Pete identified that there were few spaces for men to safely express themselves with other men without fear of ridicule, and the idea of The Privileged Man was born.

Pete lives in Seaview on the Isle of Wight with his wife Joanna and his two daughters.

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