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The Private Members Club

That Supports Men Live Richer Lives.


"The Privileged Man is a place of rapid connection, love, and personal development."

– Chapman

Do these resonate for you?

"The most powerful and transformative work I have done in a decade”

– Oliver

The Privileged Man

“It could be worse” or “man up” banter belongs in a bygone era. It prolongs unnecessary suffering.

The results of inaction (or for want of a better phrase – “lumping it”) are generational loops of wasted lives, broken relationships, families, businesses, communities and ultimately society.

It serves no one.

A stiff upper lip cannot digest life, it can only stop the embodiment of riches.

It’s time to break the cycle, for you and your children’s sake.

Our solution is based on 4 foundations: Men’s Circles, Accountability, Community and Expertise.

Confidentiality is our core value. 

“It's simply breathtaking at times”

– Andrew

In Order To Grow, Every Man Needs:

Men's Circles




How Privileged Are You?

“The Privileged Man is truly inspiring, it's my hope that the message finds the men that most need to hear it.”

– Sam Branson

How It Works.

Men's Circles

The Privileged Man’s members model healthy masculinity. Through weekly men’s circles, members are encouraged to express themselves vulnerably.

Accountable Action

Awareness without action creates stagnation. Members of The Privileged Man are moving forward in momentum. Each member has a quarterly accountability partner with goals that are measured, trackable, transparent and achievable. 

The Community

We are men who are intent on growing. When you join the community, you are joining a group of men who are taking their lives from good to great. We grow stronger together.


Our Expert Workshops specifically tailored for our members are presented monthly. We leave the mainstream narrative and explore different ways we can develop and grow. 

"Just show up man, just show up. You don't know what's going to come out of you but just show up”

– Charlie

How Privileged Are You?