Today I welcome a woman who has been a guiding star in my own journey of self-discovery, Janet Hogan. 

After discovering The Privileged Man in The Sunday Times, I started to work with Janet who helped me uncover a belief (which I will reveal in this podcast) that held me back for over 30 years.

This is not unique to me. We all have a core be-LIE-f that we are telling ourselves that is responsible for the vast majority of our behaviour.

Janet’s narrative is not just compelling, but deeply inspirational. At the height of her commercial success story, Janet found herself in possession of everything but the one thing she’d been chasing her entire life: inner peace. 

This elusive peace wasn’t found in an expected epiphany but emerged from a near-death experience, casting her life into sharp, transformative focus.

From the brink of the unknown, she heard a voice that said, “Janet, you’ve let everyone down.” and in that startling moment, she realized that what she had believed to be selfless sacrifices were actually a form of denial and She’d been unknowingly withholding her greatest gift from the world – her incredible ability to teach and guide.

After this revelation, Janet dedicated the next decade to the study of Personal Development. However, it was her two-decade tenure in advertising, studying human motivation, combined with her frustration with traditional therapies and transformational modalities that drove her to create her unique programs.

Now, Janet devotes her energy to helping others find their true path and go on their own inner journeys. 

Welcome to a truly enlightening episode 4 of the Privileged Man Podcast.

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