Welcome to another special episode of The Privileged Man podcast with Damian Hopley MBE, a former rugby union star for London Wasps and England.

Damian or Hoppers as he’s widely known excelled in rugby from a young age, representing his schools of St Benedict and Harrow before moving onto St Andrews and Cambridge where he studied Theology, hence later on being nicknamed in the press as “the vicar of rugby”. 

A versatile player, Damian’s career was on the rise until injuries forced an early retirement at just 26. But his impact on the sport didn’t end there.

In 1998, he founded the Rugby Players’ Association, advocating for the welfare of professional rugby players in England, a contribution that earned him an MBE.

Damian’s intimate view on the world of rugby today is fascinating but much more than that I found Damian’s honesty about his own experiences vulnerable and courageous and a brilliant example for all men to follow as you will particularly find towards the end of this podcast. 

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