Welcome to this special episode of The Privileged Man Podcast, where we delve into the groundbreaking work of Nick Duffell, a renowned expert in the psychological impact of boarding schools. 

With professional qualifications spanning systemic Family Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Psychoanalysis and  Somatic Therapy, Nick has emerged as the trailblazer psychotherapist in understanding the experiences of numerous boarding school pupils.

He has authored several influential books, such as “The Making of Them” (which was endorsed by the British Medical Journal) and “Wounded Leaders,”. Both these books challenge societal norms and perceptions surrounding the boarding school experience. 

Of course, for this alternative view, Nick is widely challenged and criticised by powerful institutions. 

His work is based on his findings from numerous Boarding School attendees and so I ask that, however confronting you may find Nick’s viewpoint, you look at it with an open heart and mind. I don’t think any of us who went to Boarding School can call it a perfect experience and as such its consequences are worth exploring for us as individuals, our families and society as a whole. 

As ever, if listening to this podcast does trigger you, please do get in touch through the details on the website at www.theprivilegedman.com

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  1. Thank you Pete, for interviewing the excellent and insightful Nick Duffell so well. As someone just now starting out on the path of therapy to recover from my own traumatic boarding experience 35-odd years ago, I can say you have nailed many, many truths, Nick. More power to your elbow!

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