In this profound episode, Alex Renton, an investigative journalist, unravels what he describes as the disturbing truths hidden within Britain’s elite boarding school system. 

Sharing his personal journey and cover-ups he uncovered, Alex sheds light on what he sees as the darker aspects of these prestigious institutions. He discusses the crucial need for early disclosure and intervention to mitigate the lasting scars of abuse.

Throughout the conversation, Alex explores how in his view boarding schools not only perpetuate class apartheid and British exceptionalism but also widen the chasm between the elite and the broader society. 

And how this divide fosters a culture of denial and disconnection from the harsh realities faced by most people. 

The discussion also critiques the wider failures of the British education system and the urgent need for substantial reforms.

Tune in to hear Alex Renton’s compelling insights on overcoming the shadows of the past and advocating for a future where education uplifts rather than oppresses.

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