Today, we have another incredible guest, Benjamin Fry.

An Eton and Oxford graduate, Benjamin started out his career after film school with work that was distributed by giants HBO and Paramount, he was also a nightlife entrepreneur, and a BBC television presenter. This list of eclectic experiences eventually led him to train as a psychotherapist and author his first book of three.

But with all this success, Benji’s story took a significant turn when he personally grappled with a breakdown as he neared 40, an experience that gave him a unique perspective on the state of mental health support, particularly for men. 

Using his business acumen, media skills, and clinical training, he founded Khiron Clinics, one of the only residential trauma-treatment centres globally.

Whilst stepping back from the day to day of Khiron, Benjamin now offers therapy to couples, helping them heal their relationships with the knowledge and tools gained from his own experiences and professional training.

If you want to hear a raw and unfiltered story of a man who society would see as having everything but felt like he had nothing and his path back, then this is the episode for you.  

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