S1E5 – The £4 Million Gambling Recovery – With Patrick Foster

Today we welcome Patrick Foster, a former professional cricketer, insurance broker, and independent schoolteacher. His story, however, is not one of seamless victories. Behind the facade of an idyllic upbringing and early accomplishments, Patrick grappled with a pathological gambling addiction that began during his university days. The challenges he faced in transitioning from the world […]

S1E4 – The 30 Year Be-LIE-f Uncovered – With Janet Hogan

Today I welcome a woman who has been a guiding star in my own journey of self-discovery, Janet Hogan.  After discovering The Privileged Man in The Sunday Times, I started to work with Janet who helped me uncover a belief (which I will reveal in this podcast) that held me back for over 30 years. […]

S1E3 – Redefining Privilege: How I had Everything But Nothing – With Benjamin Fry

Today, we have another incredible guest, Benjamin Fry. An Eton and Oxford graduate, Benjamin started out his career after film school with work that was distributed by giants HBO and Paramount, he was also a nightlife entrepreneur, and a BBC television presenter. This list of eclectic experiences eventually led him to train as a psychotherapist […]

S1E1 – The Male Friendship Problem – With Max Dickins, Author & Comedian

Today, we have a very special guest, Max Dickins. A man who has traversed the landscape of media and art, leaving a mark on each and every platform he graces, from print to stage, from radio waves to the small screen BUT today he’s here with us in London to discuss something profoundly personal and […]