Ep9. Rumour has it, the truth shall set you free – With Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis is an Actress, Musician, Activist, Hedonist and Doula of the Feminine Arts.

In this episode, Rumer and Esmond deep dive into masculine and feminine role playing in the sensual and sexual dance between men and women, and how honesty and openness can create freedom from the confines of sexual shame, sexual guilt, and fears.

Ep8. It’s all in your head – with Ex Army Officer Dave Hill

Dave is a Transformational Coach and owner of Simplicity in Mind, a small coaching practice with a big mission; to eradicate veteran suicide.

After 17 years of service around the world in the British Army and subsequent roles with Amazon, Standard Life Investments and Aberdeen, Dave found himself at a crossroads, wanting to do more for his military friends.

Dave delivers a mixture of leadership, well-being and coaching to organisations and private clients, with a corporate social responsibility/pay it forward wrapper; i.e., buy a service for yourself or your team and you will also be helping veterans and their families.

While some of the subjects and experiences can feel very heavy, with gentle, compassionate and hopefully playful enquiry, Dave aims to rekindle hope in those that are feeling lost, knowing that they have the capacity to thrive from there.

Ep7. The Naked Truth with The Naked Professor – Ben Bidwell

Ben is a Human Potential coach and breathwork healer, who helps others find the magic within themselves to live a more purpose & fulfilling life.

Having been on his own journey from a masked man unconsciously drawn to “toxic” behaviours, to an awakened & open soul, his story is deeply authentic & relatable.

As a coach he helps others open their hearts to find the magic within so that they can live a more fulfilling existence. In doing so he is now seen to be pioneering a revolution in helping people open up & connect more deeply with their emotions in a powerful & liberating way.

His work has seen him receive significant press from leading publications such as Hello, The Independent, Forbes, Grazia, Happiful, Esquire, The Evening Standard & Men’s Health.

Ep6. The child within you awaits your embrace – With Max Remington-Hobbs

Max is a coach and human behaviour specialist, with a particular focus on how experiences in childhood create unconscious beliefs that drive behaviour and produce unwanted outcomes. He guides people to wake up to their unconscious programming, connect with their true vision, and develop the practices and structures to bring that vision to life.

Max works with people from many different walks of life, including founders, coaches, innovators, thought-leaders, professional sportsmen, international artists, and parents. He facilitates immersions for individuals, teams and leading global organisations.

Ep5 – If it’s easy, it’s not your edge – With Robert Masters

Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, is a pioneering psychotherapist and group leader, relationship expert, and psychospiritual guide and trainer, with a doctorate in psychology.

He’s also the author of many books — including Transformation Through Intimacy, Spiritual Bypassing, Emotional Intimacy, To Be a Man, and Bringing Your Shadow out of the Dark — and the audio program Knowing Your Shadow.

His intuitive, uniquely integral work blends the psychological and physical with the emotional and spiritual, with an emphasis on full-blooded embodiment and awakening, emotional authenticity and literacy, deep shadow work, and the develop­ment of relational maturity.

At essence, his work is about becoming more intimate with all that we are, in the service of the deepest possible healing, awakening, and integration.

Ep 4. Courageous, Conscious & Authentic Love-making as a modality for liberation and healing – With Sasha Cobra

Sasha Cobra is a world renowned teacher, healer, and energy worker with a focus on Spirituality and Sexuality. She is known internationally for her unique way of using Orgasmic Energy for healing and raising consciousness. Over her 10 year practice of The Work, she has built up a reputation for assisting trauma victims get “their life back” when “nothing else has worked.” Her expertise in sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, conscious relating and conscious lovemaking, has gained her 1000s of clients in over 50 countries across 6 continents, including sex therapists, coaches, teachers, doctors, scientists, CEO’s, professional athletes, and celebrities.

Ep3. Experience is created via thought. No exceptions. With Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart is a Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker and coach and he’s passionate about sharing the principles behind clarity with individuals and organisations. He’s worked with household name companies including the Guardian newspaper and Hewlett Packard, he’s done keynote speeches to organizations as diverse as the NATO Defense College and the mental health charity MIND. Jamie is the author of the bestselling books CLARITY and RESULTS.

Ep2. Who you are IS the treasure you seek – With Jamie Catto

Jamie facilitates professional, personal and creative breakthroughs drawing from his own processes in ground-breaking film production, philosophy voyages and music career.

He is the creative catalyst, producer and director behind the global philosophy and music project ‘1 Giant Leap’ and is also a founder member, singer, art director and video director of Dance Music super-group Faithless.

He has also collaborated with artists and musicians which include Bono, Robbie Williams, Alanis Morisette, John Cusack, Carrie Fisher, Susan Sarandon and Stephen Fry to name just a few.. and he recently completed a film project with the late Ram Dass called Becoming Nobody.

Ep1. Embodying The King, Warrior, Magician & Lover Masculine Archetypes With Alexander Cottle

Alexander Cottle is a Men’s Transformational Coach, NCS L3 qualified counselor, yoga & meditation teacher and founder of the ‘Unmasked Man’ a movement created to encourage sharing, brotherhood and be a voice for men’s mental health.

He is deeply passionate and dedicated to guiding men to step into their power and fulfil their potential. Leading through embodiment, Alexander has overcome many struggles on his journey, enabling him to hold space from an empathetic and relatable place. He believes that through true authenticity and vulnerability we can drop into a better relationship with ourselves and our bodies, creating a compassionate and grounded approach to self healing and growth.