– Dan

“I simply didn’t know how much I needed it”

– Alex

“It’s no exaggeration that I feel transformed”

– Olly

“Your life’s work and your legacy”

– Andrew

“His exceptional ability to ignite belief my untapped potential and obliterate my self-imposed limitations, propelled me towards achievements I most deeply desire.”

– Pedro

“If more men were like Pete, the world would be a far better place.”

– Paddy

“His approach is laid back but with a persuasive style which enables me, in turn, to open up and be more honest.”

– Philip

“Pete tackles subjects that sometimes we don’t want to talk about but we NEED to talk about.”

– Jean-Luc

“Whilst showing great understanding and empathy – he’s also not afraid to call you out when needed!”

– Mark

“In a world full of fakery, he genuinely cares”

– Olly

“The most impactful personal development work I have done in a decade”