The Ultimate Transition

” What is the primary difference between a man speaking his truth, leading his life and family and engaged with purposeful work, versus the man who is still at the mercy of other people’s opinion & approval? “


He is a man who had the courage to ask himself a challenging question:

‘ What the hell am I actually doing with my life? ‘

The Ultimate Transition is a private coaching package designed for you to:

Clarify, and declare your authentic truth, embody it, be seen and heard and no longer afraid to amplify brand YOU. 

Here’s what you’ve been led to believe

Do you want to know a simple truth about what’s required for your ultimate transition into speaking, being, leading and living an authentic life? Courage, vulnerability, and the willingness to claim who you are and live that into the world.

The Ultimate Transition is a 5 month transition from impotent frustration to sovereign freedom.

You will embody your authentic voice, be seen where you want to be seen, be heard in places you can’t yet fathom and amplify your profile to start creating the influence you crave.  

Your loved ones will look at you with a renewed sense of respect, trust and love.

Your wealth will begin to look differently as you move from invisible to investible in whatever context you see that forming. You will be living and leading your own life on your terms, and you will become magnetic by being YOU.

This program of leadership is as much about what you will say ‘goodbye’ to, as it is remembering the authentic YOU.

Have a look at everything you are about to leave behind:

1. The inauthentic version of yourself

2. A life run from your head, not your heart

3. Not being seen by those you most want to be seen by

4. Not being heard by people who currently dismiss you

5. Not having the influence on the world you deeply know you are capable of

“It wasn’t the substance of the conversation that is important – it was the way that you listened to me, wholly and completely. I can’t think of anyone ‘listening’ to me that way before or since honestly – not waiting for their turn to talk, not hearing words so that they could be properly contextualized to understand a point – but just listening, entirely – and in response, for a brief moment at least, I found myself being truly honest, both out loud and to myself. It is perhaps sad to admit, but I can only think of a few moments in my life that involved that level of pure self-honesty. The point is, you have an innate ability to help others draw out their truth.”

– Austin Wilson - Partner, Madison West

Are you ready to invest in yourself, and realise there is much easier life than the one you currently live? When you listen to your inner authority, the world sees you as an outer authority. This is your permission slip to confidently becoming a sovereign, deliberate and purposeful man.


I've learned to be grateful, I’ve learned about what I am proud of, what I can forgive myself for and what I can commit myself to. I realized that my ultimate freedom comes down to a choice. The pressures and anxiety created by this matrix of a world in which others are prescribing a life for you doesn’t really matter. It was all in my head, and Esmond and The Privileged Man has made me realize that. And if I hadn’t taken the time and effort to invest in this, I don't know where I'd be. I'm hugely grateful."
Charlie Miller Stirling endorsing The Privileged Man
Charlie Miller Stirling
London, Financier
"The Privileged Men’s group triggered sustainable momentum towards positive change in my life. Sharing some of my most concealed and shameful emotions with men who connected so deeply through shared experiences, was incredibly powerful and liberating. My privileged upbringing had left me chasing societally defined accomplishments at the expense of living as my authentic self. For me, realising through the support of the group that success is mine to define and my legacy mine to own changed everything. Like a cancer in remittance the darkness within me has begun to die and hope, joy, forgiveness and peace grow in its place."
Oliver Lever
Scotland, Energy

The Ultimate Transition What’s included on your journey to authenticity:

Month 1: Authenticity

Month 2: Embodiment

Month 3: Seen

Month 4: Heard

Month 5: Amplify

Value: £25,000


Full Value: £25,000

Your Investment is: 5x monthly payments of £1,995 


Full Payment: £8,995

What will be the cost to you if your life remains as it is?

This is a program for sincere, committed and virtuous men, those who know they are ready for change.

Serious enquiries only.

Esmond Baring

Esmond is the Founder and Facilitator of The Privileged Man.
Esmond was raised in an alcoholic home and sent to Ludgrove boarding school at 8 years old, and then on to Eton College until the age of 18. He studied French literature at the University of Virginia, graduating in 2001.

After a decade working in finance with UBS and other investment banks in New York and London, Esmond has spent the last decade living and working in South East Asia where he studied the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, Harry Palmer, Sydney Banks, Jamie Smart and others.

He began to realize the many layers of false self he had created that were acting as obstructions to his emotional and mental well-being. Esmond had been numbing himself from the emotional pain of his upbringing and saw that he had been raised in a culture that celebrated alcoholism and inadvertently promoted the repression of feelings and emotions in its boys and men.

Esmond is passionate about supporting men who may be in DENIAL (Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying) of the true state of their emotional and mental health, to rediscover their innate sense of aliveness, wholeness and well-being.

Esmond lives in Bali with his woman and his two daughters and specializes in creating a bridge, and reflection, for transformational life shifts to occur, supporting men to open up and freely express themselves to live the lives they always dreamed of.

Pete Hunt

Pete is a Founder Partner of The Privileged Man and Managing Director. Brought up in Surrey in the UK, Pete was educated at Aldro and Charterhouse School.

Subsequently Pete worked at Knight Frank, Merrill Lynch and CBRE which in the 2000’s, was on paper, the gold standard. However, it didn’t feel right for him and it led to what many saw as an irrational move to Indonesia in 2011.

Whilst trying to sustain a professional persona through capital raising ventures and highly stressful, complex work situations in Indonesia, in 2016 Pete’s world as he knew it fell apart.

The fall out catapulted him into the world of personal and business development, spending two years travelling the world working on himself, and asking searching questions about his and the world’s future.

During this time of contemplation and study, Pete identified that there were very few spaces for men to safely express themselves without the fear of ridicule, and the idea of The Privileged Man was born. Pete runs The Privileged Man and supports leaders to amplify their authentic voice.

Pete lives between the Isle of Wight and Bali with his wife Joanna and daughter, Tula.

Pete Hunt Coach